Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to questions we frequently receive about proofreading, editing, style sheets, hiring practices, and more. If your question does not appear or the answer is not satisfactory, please contact us.

FAQ: How fast can you proofread my document(s)?

Depending on the length of your printed matter, you could have it proofread and edited in as little as 2-12 hours. Our fast turnaround time has benefited many creative groups, college students, large companies, lawyers, and those with immediate proofreading and editing needs. Please contact us for fast editing and proofreading services.

FAQ: How much do your proofreading and editing services cost?

For most documents that need proofreading only, The Proofreaders charges by the word, giving you the benefit of knowing up front how much your project will cost. For editing services, (rewrites), or unconventional and/or technical proofreading, an hourly rate will apply. Most of our clients have a fixed budget within which we try to work. Don’t publish or turn in an un-proofread document because of price – contact The Proofreaders for a custom quote. Please refer to our Pricing Guide for greater detail.

FAQ: With which types of proofreading styles are you familiar?

Our talented proofreading and editing specialists are familiar with the most common proofreading styles, including but not limited to:

Upon request, our proofreaders can follow the guidelines of a specific style guide that you provide. Learn more about proofreading styles or contact us.

FAQ: How can I be sure you haven’t missed anything?

Our comprehensive proofreading checklist ensures editing accuracy on every document. We cover the entire range of proofreading and editing components, including:

  • Grammatical
  • Typographical
  • Structural
  • Presentational

This all-inclusive proofreading checklist is designed to catch every possible error, whether resulting from late-night typing, forgotten English, English as a second language, or other reasons. Our proofreaders and editors are extremely knowledgeable and will not only correct your documents, but also offer understandable explanations so you can avoid making the same mistake in the future.

FAQ: Do you accept debit or credit cards?

The Proofreaders offers online proofreading and editing services for creative groups, students, academic, and corporations using AP, APA, MLS, CMS, styles.

Yes. We accept most major credit cards and PayPal. From bank transfers to debit and credit cards, our payment gateway screen requires you to enter a limited amount of information and then immediately processes your payment.

FAQ: How Do I Get Started?

Simply contact The Proofreaders to learn about the company’s proofreading services and secure a project estimate. Once received, you will need to “accept” the estimate. Once accepted, (in most cases) payment in full is required before any work can begin. You will be sent an invoice with online payment options.

  • Please read What to Expect which outlines the proofreading process.
  • Payments can be made either using the secured online payment gateway accessible from your online invoice.
  • Corporations or established clients may apply for credit by downloading our Credit Application. Payments terms are Net 15 from the date of service.

The Proofreaders is a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.
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