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“A” Missing from “Area”

Tell to proofread its articles before publishing.  This was published today: Some 4,000 years ago, legend says, the flood tore through a large are of central China washing away cities and inundating farmland. Read the full article that needs The...

Who Injured Whom?

LONDON — An American woman was killed and injured five other people injured in a stabbing attack in the British capital, police said Thursday. Wait, the American woman was killed and then she injured five other people who were already injured in a stabbing attack?...

When Agner Turns to Anger

According to CNN: Homes washed away Thursday night unfolded like a horrific movie for 26-year old White Sulphur Springs resident Chad Agner. "The flooding looked like the ocean, there were these big waves," Agner said. As the rain intensified Anger, who was planning...

Typo on Gun Control

I know we're all in a big hurry to hear the latest election news, but "amendment" is a pretty basic word, especially if you're CNN.  AMEMDMENT?  Really?

CNN is in a rush!

Tell CNN to slow down and catch your typos! The South Korean government has long argue hat much of the pollution in this country likely comes from China.   ...most seats have been replaced by state of the art machinery   CNN needs our proofreading...

Francis Pope?

Today on CNN: As he prepared to leave Mexico, Francis Pope thanked Mexicans for opening their doors and their lives to him. "At times I felt like weeping to see so much hope in a people who are suffering so much."

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